Discovering a new place for the first time is an incredible feeling that never ever gets old.

I’m Alex Rakic, the guy behind all this you see here. Thanks for visiting my site! I love travelling, do I have to explain more? By simply creating this site I have inspired myself even more to go out and add a few more markers to the map. It might sound silly but it’s true.

Growing up, I always had an interest in geography and the whole world. The first Atlas I had access to had to be taped up so many times because it was my favourite book and it had noticibly worn out over the years. I was virtually perfect with capital cities whenever I would engage in such games with my family or friends (maybe less so now with all the new Soviet countries). Whatever it was, I would always have a keen interest about various things from other places and those grew each year until finally I was starting to fulful my curiosity.

When I’m not on one of my world adventures, I live in the beautiful coast city of Vancouver, Canada and work in the creative field. I play and watch sports and can get quite passionate on both sides. I’m a big fan of geography and learning more and about other countries and cultures and I do hope to travel to all the continents one day. Being a Canadian citizen grants me the priviliage to cross more borders than almost any other and I am incredibly thankful and fortunate and I intend to maximize on this opportunity as long as I can.

As the case always seems, I tend to best express myself through my work with design and graphics and such things and not so much with my writing, so with that said, I won’t make you read anymore and let you get back to exploring the rest of the site. Thanks again for visiting whoever you are. :)

p.s. I just want to send out one final thanks to the countless strangers around the world who have helped me with taking a photo when I was all on my own, without you guys, I wouldn’t have as much to look back on.


Vancouver, Canada
Tennis, Soccer, Biking, Pool (both kinds), Movies
Favourite Places
Big: Berlin, Munich, New York City, Vienna, Paris, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Chicago
Small: Bern, Salzburg, Venice, Monaco, Jasper
Longest Flight
13h 35m (Vancouver to Hong Kong)
Longest Train
5h 23m (Zurich to Salzburg)
Longest Bus
3h 30m (Belgrade to Brcko)
Longest Drive
8h 35m (Edmonton to Kamloops)
Vancouver, Canada

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