USA 2017

Opportunities must be taken when presented or time will pass you by. This year, I go to America and check off 4 more nice places, yes!

24 straight days on the trot through the nation’s heavily populated urban centres in the Northeast Corridor, now that effort mandates a vacation in itself, and as of early July, I’m taking my rest slowly. Crossing over into 12 different states in some way on another this trip has been a positive event for me and much more than a vacation getaway.

With the exception of NYC, I was visiting all new places and one-by-one was I discovering more and crushing any pre-concienved expectations I may have had. Don’t let anybody tell you about places they haven’t visited, cuz how can they really know?!

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With a usual dose of sightseeing, cuisine, random moments, and body exhaustion, the trip can be best summarized as going to plan – if a plan can exist for such a journey. The full meaning of this trip didn’t just lie in the different places I visited or stuff I saw, but more of what I would categorize under the mind, body and soul.

The effects of this trip reach far beyond the day I returned home, and have helped me reset my balance as any person needs from time-to-time. As we are more and more plugged-in to our version of the Matrix (some of us unknowingly so), resetting the mental equilibrium is an absolute necessity and taking time off to shut down from the daily distractions and responsibilities is one of the best ways of achieving this. The proof is here!

Harvard Campus
Cambridge (Boston), USA


Chicago, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington
June 3, 2017 to June 27, 2017
Friend, Solo
United Airlines, American Airlines, Amtrak, Lyft
Vancouver Int’l (YVR), Chicago O’Hare (ORD), Boston Logan Int’l Airport (BOS), Ronald Reagan Airport (DCA), Dallas/Fort Worth Int’l (DFW)
Apartment (20), Hotel (3)
Chicago Architecture, 'L' Train, Harvard Campus, Seinfeld Trivia, Stephen Colbert Late Show, Harlem Visit, Rocky Steps, National Mall
Sony Cyber-Shot RX100, Canon Powershot G7 X, Apple iPhone 7+


If you're a visual person or just tight for time, I recommend the following short video to catch up on an almost month-long journey in a few minutes time.

5m 34s
"Unstoppable (Rebel Remix)" by The Score
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Average Daily Steps

Thanks to tracking technology, I can say that a total of 727,890 steps were taken during the trip with a day high of 45,209 on June 18. Also, 30 bandages were used to ease the pain. What else you wanna know?!


Days Camera Lasted

My Sony RX100 Camera lasted a mere 7 hours before it self-terminated. Quick purchase was made and I was $1k poorer less than 24hrs into the trip. Great start!


Stadia Visited

Stadiums are like museums to me and let's face it, more has happened at the average stadium than at most museums so you can guess where I get more chills standing.